Fayetteville Underground / Washington Hotel

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Fayetteville Underground / Washington Hotel

Believe it or not, behind the stucco building with the pointy tower used to be a Woolworth's store built in 1961, their third location on the Square.

It was the site of the first Christian Church from 1859 until it too burned during the Civil War. The City Hotel was built on this site in 1872, and was expanded and renamed the Tremont Hotel by Hugh Glass in 1874. It was a large 3-story building – until the 1880 cyclone. The storm ripped the top two floors completely off the hotel, severely injuring Mr. Glass and killing his wife Victoria. The cyclone struck this corner right here, then moved across the Square, wiped out most of the buildings on the south side and then destroyed the Baum Depart- ment Store building on the east side of the Square.

The Tremont was rebuilt in brick but with only 2- stories, and was a very popular hotel that was often filled with performers from the adjoining Opera House. After 30 years the Tremont was torn down and the Washington Hotel was built in its place in 1905. During its heyday, the Washington was the elegant place to stay and eat, and its ballroom was used for high school, university and city events. After nearly 60 years in business it was torn down in 1961 to make way for a new Woolworth five and dime store.

Photo Courtesy of: Special Collections, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville
History provided by: Gary Coover, Coover Consultants

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