Mt. Nord

Mt. Nord

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Mt. Nord

In the distance to the north you can see Mt. Nord, Fayetteville’s premier residential address in the early 1900’s. Between 1905 and 1908, five houses were built on the top of the hill, four of which survive today. The red house with the white trim on the left was built by A.M. Byrnes in 1905 for J.E. Mock, but most people know it as the longtime home of newspaper publisher, columnist, bank president, successful business owner and civic crusader Roberta Waugh Fulbright.
Her son, J. William Fulbright, later became president of the University of Arkansas and was a distin- guished United States Senator for 30 years, serving for many years as the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In 1946 he founded the Fulbright Program, the largest and most prestigious international education exchange program in history. The program operates in over 155 countries and to date over 300,000 scholars have participated in the program.

In 1905, contractor Albert M. Byrnes was hired by A.F. Wolf to dismantle the Arkansas State Building at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, number all the pieces, pack it into 8 railcars and then re-assemble it on top of Mt. Nord. Originally standing dramatically at the far west end of Mt. Nord, it was considered one of the finest examples of Southern Colonial architecture ever built.

It was the Wolf home for many years, but was torn down in 1939 in spite of statewide efforts to save it.

Byrnes’s lumberyard was located across the street to the south. He moved here in 1866 from Ireland as a young boy and proceeded to become the premier contractor and builder in Fayetteville. Starting out as one of the subcontractors of Old Main (which you can barely see peeking out above the buildings and trees to the northwest), he built most of the build- ings on the Square and well over 300 buildings throughout the city and the surrounding area.


Photo Courtesy of: Special Collections, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville
History provided by: Gary Coover, Coover Consultants 

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