Fayetteville Visitors Bureau

Fayetteville Visitors Bureau

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Fayetteville Visitors' Bureau

We'll start at the Fayetteville Visitors Bureau building – as far as we know it's the 4th building on this corner.

The original town lot was purchased by James Byrnside in 1836, and his large log house became a well-known tavern and hotel that was also the ticket office for the Butterfield Overland Mail stagecoach company that connected St. Louis withSan Francisco in the late 1850's.

A 1-story house with large trees all around, it was burned to the ground in 1862 along with most of the town under orders of Confederate General Benjamin McCulloch.

After the Civil War this site became the home of Kell's Livery and later Shannon's Livery, the early-day equivalent of a parking lot and rental car agency – but with horses and mules instead.

In 1894 a large 2-story stone building with arched windows was built to house a drug store later known as the Crescent Drug Store. The second floor was used as a photography studio for many years, first by William & Charles Dunlap and later by well-known local photographer Burch Grabill. It was the OTASCO hardware store for 30 years until demolished in the mid 1970's.

The building you see now was built in 1979 for Clinehen's Fayetteville Drugstore when it moved from across the Square, and was later a Collier's Drug Store. In 2001 it became the first location for a local business that is a successful nationwide beauty products company called "Bath Junkie".

It now houses the offices and storefront for the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission.
Photo Courtesy of: Special Collections, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville
History provided by: Gary Coover, Coover Consultants

Fayetteville Visitors Bureau

21 South Block Ave.
Fayetteville, AR 72701

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800-766-4626 toll free
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