Fayetteville Named No. 4 Best College Town in the Nation, Best in the SEC

Fayetteville Named No. 4 Best College Town in the Nation, Best in the SEC
For the second year in a row, Fayetteville has been named as one of the best college towns in the nation! recently released its annual list of the Top 10 Best College Towns, which ranked Fayetteville as No. 4. The website, which provides data for small- and medium-sized cities, also compiles annual best-of lists based on the data it collects throughout the year. It lists Fayetteville with a population just shy of 76,000 and a median income of $37,383.

This is the fifth year has published its best-of list for college towns. It’s Fayetteville’s second appearance on the list. The city was named No. 9 in 2013.‘s ranking criteria included affordable housing, educational attainment, walkability and student population.

This year, cities were divided up by their college’s Football Bowl Subdivision conference and then ranked within each group before compiling the list. That means Fayetteville beat out all other SEC college towns, and was then ranked as the fourth-best in the nation.

Ranking criteria included affordable housing, educational attainment, walkability and student population. After livability aspects were calculated, the list was skewed toward measuring the impact each college and university has on its cities and what would make life better for college-aged people. A close look was given at cities with a high concentration of degree-holders and of 25-to-34 year-olds to see if they were the kinds of cities that students would want to stay in once they graduated. Finally, the website counted the number of restaurants, music venues, bike trails, parks and festivals in each city, and included any partnerships that exist between the colleges and towns.

Fayetteville was also named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2013 by, coming in as number 64 in the overall ranking by the national website that ranks quality of life amenities of America’s small and mid-sized cities. We hope you come see for yourself soon what makes Fayetteville so great!

Here's a little bit of what they had to say:  "From its hip strip of shops, bars and restaurants to the bike paths and walking trails that snake through the city, Fayetteville, Ark., greatly accommodates the college lifestyle. Southern charm meshes with a modern arts scene and innovative businesses to create a place that draws young families who crave a unique yet traditional small-town vibe. More than 18 percent of residents are between the ages of 25 and 34. They, like many long-time residents, enjoy the laid-back lifestyle Fayetteville offers, including a unhurried pace that allows you to savor the many great moments each day brings.
The University of Arkansas provides a base for the local economy that continues to grow as the college expands its programs and companies move in to take advantage of the school's research facilities.
Residents welcome the college crowd, which supports many local businesses. Each year, thousands of U of A students volunteer to help local nonprofit agencies including animal shelters and environmental protection groups. Mixed in with historic single-family homes along tree-lined streets are modern apartments and smaller houses that provide students with off-campus accommodations. Football games draw thousands of alumni to the city, which plays host to mega pre- and post-game parties for the Razorbacks. Dickson Street, the center of Fayetteville's entertainment district, is frequented by an almost equal number of students and residents who come to sip coffee, sample craft beers and dig into barbecue. Music venues and festivals in Fayetteville provide even more entertainment options.
It seems that no matter where you are in Fayetteville, there's a park or open area nearby providing space to relax under a tree, take a walk or play a game with friends. Residents are highly active thanks to the abundance of outdoor activities in Fayetteville. Breathtaking natural attractions like the Ozark Mountains surround the city, providing easy access to hiking trails, rock climbing areas, fishing holes and mountain bike paths. Reoccurring events like the local farmers market and First Thursday Fayetteville unite residents in a celebration of agriculture, music and art."


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