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Fayetteville isn't just a part of Northwest Arkansas, it IS Northwest Arkansas. All of the area's attractions are just minutes away with the best ones located right within our city limits. From historical sites and outdoor activities to unique shopping and nightlife, Fayetteville has it all. Our tour packages will show you all of the region's best activities, then bring you back to the most energetic and vibrant city in Northwest Arkansas - Fayetteville.

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Day 1: Driving tour of Fayetteville and Tour Civil War Sites

  • civil war in fayetteville arThe 1836 Ridge House is the oldest home standing in Fayetteville. The home belonged to Ms. Sarah Ridge widowed to John Ridge. John Ridge was a key figure in signing the Treaty of New Echota in 1835, which by its passing lead to the forced evacuation of the Cherokee tribes, better known as the Trail of Tears. Walk the infamous Trail of Tears, which passes through the University of Arkansas campus, designated by tear shaped street lights.

Gather the Whole Group

Backyard Billionaires Tour
  • Explore for one day or two
  • Tour the first home of President Bill and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when they taught Law School at the University of Arkansas. (Optional ‘Cook with the Clintons’ segment offering lunch or dinner with Clinton look-alikes at the Clinton House Museum)
  • Learn about the nation’s largest meat provider in the Tyson Poultry Industry Exhibit at the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History
  • Tour the Wal-Mart Visitors’ Center, drive by the Wal-Mart home office and see the first Wal-Mart ever built.

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