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Fayetteville is continually making strides in establishing trails throughout its city limits. An extensive trails system is currently in use and expanding at the rate of two to three miles per year. Following the city’s Master Plan, a 100-mile interconnected system will someday run throughout the city. These trails provide a safe and easily accessible route for transportation and recreation across the city. For more information, visit
For more information on trails, visit parks or pick up a Trails Guide brochure at the Visitor’s Center, 21 S. Block Ave. 
Bayarri Park Trail 
725 S. Regency  
N 36° 3’ 13” W 94° 6’ 0.7” 
Running along the banks of the White River, this short trail is perfect for a jog. 
Length: 0.3 miles 
Clabber Creek Trail  
4150 Morning Mist  
N 36° 6’ 1.923” W 94° 12’ 46.406” 
This concrete multi-use trail runs along the south side of Clabber Creek through a 40-acre natural area with two designated wetlands. Length: 0.65 miles 
Dale Clark Park Trail  
560 N. Rupple 
N 36° 4’ 21.400” W 94° 12’ 58.018” 
This hard-surface trail with a playground is located at the Donald W. Reynolds Boys and Girls Club facility. Length: 0.6 miles 
Dickson Street/ U of A Loop 
N 36° 3’ 59.221” W 94° 9’ 55.580” 
Get a feel for Fayetteville as you wind through historic neighborhoods, the entertainment district and the university area. Offers flat stretches, gentle hills and parking. Wilson Park trail is nearby.  
Length: 3.7 miles 
Fayetteville High School Track/ Harmon Field  
1001 Stone  
N 36° 3’ 41.786” W 94° 10’ 24.833” 
Near the U of A, the track is open to the public when not in use by the school. 
Length: 0.25 mile loop 
Finger Park Trail  
1525 S.E. Farmers  
N 36° 2’ 57.079” W 94° 11’ 54.099” 
Natural surface trail weaves through a wooded area with an Ozark bluff line view. Great for a quick hike or short mountain bike ride. Length: 0.6 miles 
Frisco Trail 
575 W. Center  
N 36° 3’ 46.027” W 94° 10’ 0.014” 
With nature areas, benches and lighting, this trail connects the Mill District to Dickson Street and the Blair Library. Length: 0.6 miles  
Gordon Long Park Trail  
2800 N. Gregg  
N 36° 6’ 9.973” W 94° 9’ 46.833” 
This is a hard-surfaced loop. Length: 0.6 miles  
Gregory Park Trail 
69 E. Sycamore 
N 36° 5’ 2.444” W 94° 9’ 26.752” 
This soft-surface wooded trail in the center of town includes pavilions. Length: 0.6 miles  
Gulley Park Trail 
1850 E. Township 
N 36° 5’ 45.029” W 94° 8’ 5.712”  
This lighted hard-surface trail is perfect for a quick jog or a leisurely walk and is suitable for baby strollers. Length: 1.5 miles 
Hamestring Creek Trail 
3075 W. Marigold  
N 36° 5’ 20” W 94° 12’ 6.6” 
This 12-foot-wide asphalt trail provides beautiful views as it follows the west side of the creek through Wildwood Park. Length: 0.6 miles 
Joe Clark Trail
at Lake Wilson 
4668 S. Lake Wilson  
N 36° 0’ 3.574” W 94° 8’ 14.892” 
Soft-surface trail in a forested setting perfect for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Pets allowed off of leash. Length: 2.6 miles 
King Fisher/Rookery Trail
at Lake Sequoyah 
6608 E. Lake Sequoyah 
N 36° 3’ 21.585” W 94° 3’ 52.659” 
Over three miles of soft-surface nature trail run along the east side of Lake Sequoyah with spectacular views of the water and rock outcroppings. Parking is available on the south side just east of the bridge. Length: 3.0 miles 
Lake Fayetteville Trail 
1350 E. Zion  
1208 E. Fayetteville 
N 36° 8’ 17.139” W 94° 8’ 25.056” 
This combination of paved & soft-surface trail features natural scenery and a pedestrian bridge. Length: 4.5-mile
multi-use trail, 5.5-mile nature trail 
Mount Sequoyah / Historic District Trail 
100 N. Summit  
N 36° 3’ 49.663” W 94° 8’ 51.574” 
This scenic trail is relatively flat – once you’ve reached the top of Mount Sequoyah. Start from the Downtown Square or park at the summit and walk or jog the loop around the top. Length: 4.1 miles (roundtrip from the Square), 0.9 miles (top loop) 
Mud Creek Trail  
3770 Front 
N 36° 7’ 11.411” W 94° 8’ 37.694” 
This multi-use 12-foot-wide hard-surface trail has a pedestrian bridge and runs from the Walmart/Target area east to Old Missouri Road and west to Scull Creek Trail. Length: 2.35 miles 
Oak Ridge Trail 
542 W. Center  
N 36° 3’ 46.1” W 94° 9’ 55.9” 
A half-mile trail that connects to the Frisco Trail and extends through the woods behind the Clinton House Museum before ending near Pomfret Hall on the University of Arkansas campus. Length: 0.5 miles 
Raven Trail 
2100 E. Farr  
N 36° 6’ 30.8” W 94° 7’ 53.7” 
This paved loop in the south end of Red Oak Park is accessible to the school from the neighborhood to the east.
Length: 0.26 miles 
Red Oak Trail 
4600 W. New Bridge 
N 36° 5’ 20.7” W 94° 13.51’ 
A paved loop in the south end of Red Oak Park, accessible at the end of Carlsbad Trace just north of Wedington Dr.
Length 0.2 miles  
Scull Creek Trail  
2800 N. Gregg  
N 36° 6’ 9.973” W 94° 9’ 46.833” 
This trail offers a 12-foot-wide paved surface, six beautiful bridges over Scull Creek, lighting, mature trees and the longest pedestrian tunnel in the state – 650 feet under the Fulbright Expy. Length: 4.4 miles  
Shiloh Trail 
3043 N. Shiloh 
N 36° 6’ 26.299” W 94° 10’ 50.230” 
This 12-foot-wide multi-use trail follows the west side of I-540 from Hwy. 112 to Moore Ln. In the future this trail will continue along this path to Cato Springs Rd.  
Length: 0.75 miles 

St. Paul Trail  
2300 Borick  
N 36° 2’ 9.357” W 94° 7’ 43.115” 
This paved trail stretches from Armstrong to City Lake Rd. and follows the old St. Paul Railroad bed providing a remote, tree-lined experience for the biker, walker or runner. 
Length: 0.78 miles 
Town Branch Creek Trail  
1753 S. Beechwood 
N 36° 2’ 44.693” W 94° 11’ 7.666” 
The first section of this important east-west trail includes at 50-foot bridge spanning Town Branch Creek. Length: 0.4 miles 
Tsa La Gi Trail  
771 S. Hill 
N 36° 3.4667’ W 94° 10.1882’ 
The trail runs from the Hill Place apartments west to Razorback Rd. Length: 0.2 miles 
Walker Trail 
10 W. 15th 
N 36° 2’ 57.214” W 94° 9’ 37.805” 
This hard-surface trail connects to a two-loop trail at the senior center. Length: 0.7 miles 
Wilson Trail 
675 N. Park 
N 36° 4’ 21.186” W 94° 9’ 39.595” 
This hard-surface trail will take you around one of the city’s largest parks. Length: 0.9 miles

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